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AIIPA was established on November 1, 2011 in the state of Oklahoma. Led by Toby Taylor, the original planning committee including Harry Anderson, Angela Coleman, Brett Close, Thomas Liberatore, Steve Luce, Robert Maccarone, Susan McKinney, Jody Oscarson and Brenda Musgrove were instrumental in building AIIPA's foundation. AIIPA is currently one of the most successful ignition interlock program manager training associations in the industry. Working with partners from around the United States we have built up a fantastic network which lends to our effectiveness and our reputation. The more we reach out and the more assistance we can provide, the greater the positive impact on Highway Safety.

The current board members are:

  • Kevin Behrens, President

  • Brian Clarke, Treasurer

  • Mary Rademacher, Secretary

  • Leonard Price

  • Tiffany Duvall

  • Renee Krawiec

  • Brandon Villanti

  • Tim Massengill

  • Laura Bailey, Past President

  • Jody Oscarson, Executive Administrator


Traffic Injury Research Foundation

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), a leader in road safety research, has contributed their knowledge and expertise to support the development of the AIIPA organization by providing strategic advice regarding key issues and professional practices, as well as supporting the delivery of AIIPA events and materials.

Additional information on TIRF can be obtained by clicking their logo.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation


Improving traffic safety through the development & promotion of best practices, enhancement of program management, & provision of technical assistance to the interlock community.


The leading national comprehensive resource on legislation & policy, program operations, education/training, & the technology related to ignition interlock devices.

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